Kim Moran Photography: Episode I
      I can't remember life without a camera. I've been recording and making videos since age 7. I took filmmaking courses in middle school, throughout high school and then continued on to pursue a Bachelor of Arts degree in Narrative Film Production at California State University, Long Beach in 2013. My major emphasis was in Directing, Producing and Screenwriting. I wrote an original screenplay, Yellow Gravity, which won grant funding from the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. I produced and directed this short film as my senior thesis.

      Originally called to filmmaking through the


power of storytelling and compelling characters, I enjoy screenwriting, story development and working on set with actors the most.  


Kim Moran Photography: Episode II
     After graduating, I worked as a freelance filmmaker, photographer and videographer in a multitude of facets throughout Los Angeles, San Francisco and Portland. Between 2013-2015, I began exploring the world with nothing but a GoPro Hero 3. The simplicity and rugged nature of this device birthed my extreme interest in travel-style photography and documentary-style film. Suddenly, there was no longer a reason to fabricate reality, and every reason to capture the rawness of real life.

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     There was a period where I paused my life behind the camera to train and obtain certification as a yoga instructor, and I then went home to aid a dying parent under hospice care.

Kim Moran Photography: Episode III
    By spring of 2016, I set off on a transformative journey that changed my life. I bought an old Subaru Forester named Falkor who became my homestead and best friend, bought a DSLR camera and traversed the American West alone for 4 months, through 11 states, 19 National Parks, and infinite beauty. These travels allowed me to foster an intimate relationship with the land and inhabiting species, and I began to see my camera not only as a tool for art, but as a powerful tool in environmentalism. My purpose as a photographer suddenly grew into a strong inclination to establish the importance of wild lands, for the sake of conservationism and for social justice.

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Kim Moran Photography: Episode IV
After my road journey, I reintroduced myself back into video production and editing, specializing in yoga and outdoor recreation. I started shooting stills and creating web content for entrepreneurs and small businesses. I also reintroduced myself to working in front of the camera with a variety of modeling and acting spots. 
     In 2017, I traded the city for mountains and moved to Bozeman, Montana where I continued exploring my passion for storytelling through open land and adventures. I then moved to Utah, where I discovered the film festival circuit that took me on my most recent journey working around the US.
    After Sundance Film Festival 2020, I intend to redirect my focus back into visual storytelling with a camera in hand.

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