Hi. I'm Kim.

     I love storytelling, visual media, and outdoor adventures.

From ages 22 to 28, I’ve worked as a freelance filmmaker, photographer, content creator, model, yoga instructor and film festival coordinator in various locations across the US.

The last few winters I’ve worked as a seasonal coordinator for the Sundance Film Festival up in Park City, Utah. I enjoy the vibrant, high-energy of the event and look forward to another great January, but my creative spirit and active lifestyle urges me to return to the world of adventure photography. I’m currently seeking a work environment where my love for the outdoors can coalesce with my passion for documentary-style storytelling. Ultimately, I hope to find a way to use visual media for positive social impact and environmental awareness.

Salt Lake City, and Utah in general, has grown as my home base over the years. When I’m not in an office or studio environment, you can find me exploring the Wasatch backcountry by foot, skis or bicycle, getting vertical on pink-red sandstone, or counting the shooting stars in a desert nightscape.

I travel often and am always open to project proposals in other locations. Reach out if you want to collaborate or connect!

Kim Moran
(707) 490-2678